Do you have a business which is not generating enough traffic or not giving you satisfactory revenue? If so, then you need to optimize your site to make it more visible online, get more traffic and have a higher ranking in search engine results.

What Is SEO?

Search engine optimization entails implementing techniques and strategies on a website to help improve its ranking in search results. The two ways to undertake it are on-page and off-page SEO.

With more than 67% of buyers, even those who purchase offline use the internet for decision-making, it is important to have a higher ranking for your website in search results. Having a higher ranking will get you more traffic, which can easily be converted into sales. Research on Google search results have shown that having your website rank on the first page for any keyword will expose your website to over 80% of traffic for that particular keyword search.

Benefits Of SEO

With more people conducting their businesses online, search engine optimization is one of the most effective ways you can market your business.

  • Enhance business visibility, awareness and create a strong brand image
  • Help your business get more localized or global reach
  • Give your business a competitive edge
  • Cost effective for long-term growth

It is vitally important that you partner with a professional and experienced SEO expert.

How We Will Improve Your Website Ranking

On-page SEO are techniques done directly on webpages while off-page SEO are building authority and trust. All of it play a vital role in increasing online visibility and ranking. Our team will employ the following strategies to bring you a higher ranking.

Proper Content And Keyword Research

Recent changes in Google algorithms have shown that search engines will rank a website with quality and helpful content higher in search engine results. Our SEO experts will ensure all content in your website are unique, high quality and helpful to your visitors.

We will remove any traces of plagiarized content from your website as Google penalizes plagiarized content. We will optimize your content by including both long and short tail keywords which are important for search engines. To identify the proper keywords to use, we will provide you with a list of highly profitable keywords to target.

Link Building

Link building is an important aspect of any search engine optimization strategy as search engines use links to determine the relevancy of a site. Having high-quality links is one of the indications that your site is credible and trustworthy.

We use ethical and legal means to provide your site with quality backlinks. For link building, we will undertake both internal and external link building. Internal link building is very important for search engines and humans. It helps them to know your most important pages, discover new pages, increase engagement and reduce bounce rate.

Optimized Site Structure

Website structure is an important element. We will provide you with an optimized site structure and layout.

  • Check and improve your site navigation to ensure it follows a tree-like structure
  • Create page titles to enable search engines to understand what your pages are about
  • Image descriptions with proper ALT tags
  • Improve Meta descriptions. Even though it has no impact on SEO, they are important in convincing users to click on your links.
  • Repair broken links and ensure URLs are properly optimized

Mobile Friendly Website

The recent Google mobile update (Mobilegeddon) showed how important mobile traffic is. Google penalizes sites which are not mobile friendly. In addition, the update introduced different rankings for both desktops and mobile devices.

To ensure that you do not miss out any organic search traffic from mobile devices, we will provide you with a mobile friendly site when you let us handle the web design.

Local Business Search

If your business is operating within an area, our local SEO consultants will improve its map ranking to ensure you get more business from where you operate. This is important as more people search for products and services within their area.

Why You Should Partner With Us

At our SEO company, we have a team of professional and experienced SEO experts who have years of experience in Internet marketing. Our team will only use ethical and legal ways to boost your website to the top of the search engines. We pride ourselves on using the latest cutting-edge SEO strategies and technologies which are long-term and sustainable.

Several SEO agencies will promise you higher rankings but do not know what they are doing. Using unethical SEO practices to get higher ranking will expose your website to huge penalties and even blacklisting from search results. We are a credible and highly sought-after SEO agency in Singapore. Once you have filled up the discovery form, our SEO consultant will conduct an in-depth audit of your website and provide recommendations on the best way to optimize it.

Having done SEO services for many years, we understand the importance and advantages of having massive traffic that resulted in high conversions. Get in touch with us today for a free non-obligatory discussion on how we could take your business to the next level.